Link building is an essential process of strengthening the online presence of your business. It is healthy to do for all types of websites, but especially for eCommerce.

But why?

What Is Link Building and Why You Need To Do It?

It’s quite simple, really. Link building is the process of getting links that point back to your site, from other resources. The logic behind it is that a site linking to you transfers a portion of its own traffic and domain authority to your page.

And the more links you have pointing back to you, the greater the traffic increase from it will be. And more traffic basically translates into more conversions and sales for eCommerce. But just as with everything, there’s a catch.

Not all links are equal. Let me elaborate on that one.

If a tiny blog with a couple of posts and practically no audience links to you, that’s great. Only that link has no weight behind it. If nobody visits that site, who’s going to follow that backlink?

Now, imagine that Forbes published your article with a link back to your site. Amazing, right? All of a sudden your traffic is through the roof, everybody knows your brand and, since you’re an eCommerce business, your revenue is now measured in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

But getting a link from Forbes is not easy. In fact, it is pretty much impossible for 99.9% of people. To get their attention, you would need to do something absolutely amazing. Win the race to Mars, perhaps?

So, the real backlink juice lies in the golden middle. Businessmen and bloggers just like you. People with a large enough audience to make an impact on your traffic but also reachable with a single email.

What Is the Best Way of Getting Backlinks?

There is a whole bunch of methods in which you can generate backlinks, but the surest way of getting the highest-quality links would probably be guest blogging.

ecommerce link building

While there isn’t any money involved directly, you can still consider guest blogging a transaction of sorts. Let me explain.

It is mutually beneficial. You write an article for somebody, maybe a guest blogging platform, or an individual blogger from your niche, and they, in return, place a link back to your own resource in the author’s bio description.

Now, you don’t have to write an entire article for every single one of your backlinks. We will discuss some easier ways of link building further along, but by guest posting on the right platforms you will be able to get huge traffic boosts out of your backlinks.

Some Other Ways of Acquiring Backlinks

Now, let’s split those into two categories: ones that require you to do outreach to some extent (guest blogging can’t be done without outreach); and ones that don’t.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s start with the ones you can do on your own.

First of all, let’s discuss repurposing content. For example, turning your biggest article into a video or even a video series with the link back to your original post under each episode.

Infographics are another great example. If you’re an expert at, say, automobile engines, compile all of your most detailed articles into one, huge, easy-to-read infographic for people to read and better understand the inner workings on a combustion engine or to pick out the right car for them more easily.

Then, you can go through message boards, forums, and seek out questions related to your niche. Answer them and plug a link back to your site while doing it. Just make sure to give genuine, satisfying answers.

Now, With Outreach

What is outreach and why do the best links need it? Outreach is the term used to describe the process of contacting, say, a blogger, and communicating with them about what you want from them (in our case, a backlink) and what you can give them in return (most of the time, it’s all about content).

Outreach for Guest Posts

Outreach has quite a few steps to it. First, you need to identify your prospects (they are in the golden middle I talked about earlier). Then, you need to find their contact information, which is sometimes more complicated than just scrolling down to the footer section.

You can use email finders like or some form of email permutator which are available all over the Web for free in cases where the finder tool returns no results.

Then, once you’ve gotten all of the right emails, it’s time to start writing your link pitch. I won’t go too deep on how to craft the perfect link pitch, but the main things you should be worrying about while doing it is being genuine and not sounding like a robotic template.

Just remember you’re talking to a human being who probably gets hundreds of link pitches on a daily basis, be polite, brief, and have something to offer in return, which is usually a strong piece of content.

Bloggers are busy people, and their email boxes can be full of messages, so sometimes your own pitch can get lost in them, so don’t be afraid to follow-up. But don’t do it more than once.

Find websites that are likely to repost external content and keep track of what is shared, retweeted, etc. by who to figure out which channels will be the best for promoting your content.

Broken Link Building and Stealing Links from Inferior Content

There are way more strategies to be used for acquiring backlinks through outreach, but today I would like to talk about two more (in addition to guest blogging).

I’m talking, of course, about broken link building and taking links from lesser websites. I combined those two because the process is really quite similar. So, what you do is use a backlink checking tool like Ahrefs to check the backlink profile of any site.

What you’re looking for are websites that have reposted content written on the same topic as yours. More specifically, 404s or links to articles that are shorter, less informative, or in any other way lesser than your own ones.

Once you find those, contact the owner of that site and offer your own content to fill the hole created by a dead link. Or, in the case of inferior content, offer your own article instead and be clear about why it is better than the one already linked to and how it will be beneficial to them to give that link to you instead.

It shouldn’t be difficult to persuade them if your content organically fills the hole created by the 404 or if it’s clearly way better than what they have already linked to.

Link Building Services Can Help You Run a Smoother Campaign!

Running a link building campaign on your own can be quite time-consuming, especially of your list of outreach prospects is measured in the hundreds.

But you don’t actually have to do all the hard stuff on your own! There are tons of link building services like OutreachMama that will help you get on track and be much more effective with your campaign.

I hope you learned something new from me today, and good luck with your link building campaign!

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