There are a lot of businesses that have had bad SEO companies, digital marketing and/or website vendors in the past. If the SEO company wasn’t doing what you expected, you would have to keep them on through their contract, usually six months to a year. That’s why no-contract SEO services can be a smart option; let’s go through more benefits of hiring an agency month-to-month to deliver SEO results:

  • No long-term commitment
  • If the results are not what was expected and/or the agency isn’t a good fit for your business, you can switch agencies
  • Typically, the relationship between you and your agency lasts many years
  • Agencies have to earn your business every month, get your agency to prove their value
  • Agencies continue to move the needle for your website; otherwise, they can be cut loose
  • Agencies are more honest and transparent; agencies that offer no contracts send monthly reports to their clients to ensure work is getting done
  • SEO campaign results tend to be better, mainly because the relationship lasts longer than a year
  • Typically, no upfront financial commitment
  • You, as the business, can try different SEO strategies to see what works for you and your in-house team without being tied to a contract