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Update your social media

Businesses spend billions of dollars on social media advertising every year, and they're receiving a substantial return on investment. Each new post is another opportunity to convert potential customers into paying customers.

Increase Brand Recognition

You need to be creative to stand out from all of the competition. Social media gives you a chance to showcase not just your products and services, but also your brand's personality and other intangibles that allow you to connect with customers and make a lasting impression. 

hire us instead of an employee

It costs the average business $3,500 a month to hire an employee to manage their social media. We provide you with access to a whole team of social media experts for a fraction of what you would pay an in-house employee.

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For businesses, social media touches every aspect of an organization from marketing and sales, to customer service, public relations and crisis management. Properly developed and executed social media marketing services will align with other marketing channels to propel response rates and ROI. At 301 Madison Consulting, our social media marketing services help Minneapolis companies and organizations leverage the viral marketing power of social media to amplify the reach and impact of content, increase brand awareness, elevate their online reputation and drive leads and sales. 

Almost everyone uses social media. They see what their friends are up to on Facebook, explore their interests on Instagram, network on LinkedIn, find out what is happening right now on Twitter... and then there's YouTube, Pinterest and many other platforms. These days, more so than even newspapers and television, social media is where people get their information. Your business needs to be there. Modern times demand a modern approach to marketing. An optimized marketing strategy includes establishing a social media presence, as this has become one of the most effective ways to find new customers and increase your brand awareness.  

Social Network Profile Design & Development

Starting from scratch? Our Social Media Agency will set up your accounts with content, contact info, custom graphics and everything else you need to kick off your launch. 

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Who is your target audience? Which social media platforms do they most frequently use? What kind of content will appeal to them the most? These questions must be asked in order to design a successful social media marketing strategy and we'll collaborate with you to find the most accurate answers. No matter what social media strategy we decide to use, growing your social media following will be a large part of it.

Social Media Paid Ads

We will determine when the timing is right to capitalize on social media marketing ads and paid campaigns. You will want to have a solid following on the platform you want to spend ad money on and want to track your campaigns to ensure you have a return on your investment. Many companies will use paid social media ads to gain interest, including email addresses to marketing to. 

Content Development

Not all traffic is equal. If someone clicks through to your site but leaves without a conversion, then that visit wasn't of any value. What you want is qualified traffic, which refers to visitors who are highly likely to become customers. Our social media-savvy content writers know how to develop targeted, persuasive messages that encourage visitors to follow through with a purchase after they engage with your social media posts.

Our Social Media Agency Monitoring, Performance Analysis and Reporting

In addition to creating marketing campaigns, we analyze ongoing campaigns to measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement. You will be assigned an account manager from our Minneapolis based Social Media Agency, who will routinely review your social media marketing program with you. We'll show you how to maximize traffic and get the biggest return on investment from your social media campaigns. 

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I hired 301 Madison Consulting to create my social media profiles with consistent branding and grow them. I could not be happier, they have really made a difference for me and my business.

Lisa L.


They have done a great job with handling our social media. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance with social media.

Nick H.



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