We offer businesses Digital Marketing Services and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Across the US

We are a Digital Marketing Agency that works with thousands of businesses nationwide. Our main office is in Minneapolis and our other locations are New York, Orlando and sunny San Diego.

Our Services Include:

  • Web Development – We build websites from scratch coded, fully custom or from a theme.  We mainly work in WordPress but we have had experience with several other web technologies.
  • Web Design & Architecture – Building a website just isn’t throwing something together, it takes time planning and implementing a framework that will capitalize on gaining visitors and converting them.  We believe that keyword research is an essential part of pre-planning as it will help determine how the site will get build out to capitalize on organic traffic from Search Engines.
  • Responsive Design & Mobile Optimization – Google claims and data shows that mobile optimized sites are seeing higher rankings which is giving them more traffic then a site that is not optimized.  It doesn’t take a huge make over to convert your site and content to a mobile, responsive site.  Most likely you will not be able to keep your current look, but don’t worry we will help you pick something that will show your business off much stronger.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Well, this is important  I bet you get hundreds a calls a month for SEO services, but what can that company do?  There are about 1,000 different things you can do to help your website grow in rankings.  It does cost a bit of money to hire someone or company, but make sure they have a history of ranking sites.  You can’t just hire anyone for this, it could cost you a lot of money and get you very little results.
  • Content Marketing Strategy – Content is King.  Is it really?  Well it is important of course.  Keyword research sets the stage to help you build out your content.  Once you start adding more and more content, you will be ranking for more and more keywords which will help you identify additional keywords to write about.  Yes, that is how it has worked for most of our clients.
  • Local Search – Local search is critical if you have a local business.  Getting that local traffic when someone types in a keyword in your neighborhood is a given, but is it?  Many businesses gloss over the fact that they should be listed in directories, local papers, blogs, etc.  They think that everyone already knows who they are?  Well we are in the year 2016, internet research is where many go to find a local business to help them, so you need to be there and high.
  • Social Media Marketing – We all know at least a few of these.  They are getting more important, everyday.  Capitalize on sharing unique content and the audience will come.
  • Video Creation & Ranking – Video ranking is starting to get bigger, especially for the long tail keywords where you can reach your audience and hope they check out your products and services.  We can create videos and help determine where you can rank for certain keywords.  Video is a key strategy for any business and it should be for yours as well.
  • PPC Management – You can spend a lot of money on Google Adwords by targeting keywords like “digital marketing minneapolis” if you don’t optimize your bids and quality score.  Ensuring several key things can make your Adwords campaign much more valuable and save you a ton of money.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – Conversions are important once a visitor lands on your site, especially since they are there for a reason.  Getting that person to submit their info, start a trial or buy something is difficult, but ensuring you have tracking in place will go a long way in growing your revenue.

Thanks for reading through our site and stopping by.  Even if you think we may not be a match, at the very least give us a call.  We can help point you in the right direction if there isn’t a fit.

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